Vickie Fall trip 280Do you have just 3 to 5 days to spend on and adventure? Or can you spend more time in our great wilderness area? Look no further than Anderson Canoe Outfitters for great Boundary Waters Canoe Trips.

Here’s just a sample of one of the routes you can experience.

Day 1

Starting from entry point #14 Little Indian Sioux head down the Little Indian Sioux River to Upper and Lower Pawness lakes. Leaving Lower Pawness into the Devil’s Cascades paddle towards Loon Lake. Once getting to Loon Lake heads towards East Loon Bay. This is a nice spot to camp your first night.

Day 2

Leaving East Loon Bay paddling towards Slim Lake, North Lake, South Lake, Steep Lake, Eugene Lake, Bear Track Lake, Thumb Lake and then to Finger. Finger will be a good spot to camp on night #2. These are a lot of lakes, but they are small and easy to travel.

Day 3

Paddle towards Finger Lake, Pocket Lake and then to Lady Boot Bay, this is another great spot to basecamp. Lady Boot has lots of great options, great scenery, campsites, and fishing. Just to the East of Lady Boot Bay there are pictograph paintings. These paintings are some of the finest on the Western end of the Boundary Waters.

Day 4

This can be a short day, leaving Lady Boot paddle to the East end of La Croix, Boulder Bay. This is a short paddle but once setting up camp you can paddle over into Iron Lake and view Curtain Falls. Curtain Falls is one of the larger falls in the Boundary Waters.

Day 5

Leaving Boulder Bay to Boulder River, Lake Agnes, Nina Moose lake, Nina Moose River and then finish your trip at entry point 16 Nina Moose. Paddle time from Boulder Bay to the Nina Moose landing is on the average of 6 to 7 hrs.

If a person wanted to you could paddle this loop in 3 days, but a person can stretch it out to a 5 night 6 day trip pretty easy.

Another option for this trip would be to pop out at Snow Bay on the West end of La Croix and paddle the South shore of Lac Croix and then to Lady Boot Bay. This trip would involve more paddling and less portages then the lakes to the South of La Croix.

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