Canoe Trip Packages:

Shuttle Packages:

take a 5 day canoe trip. Canoe trips with with a hotel stay the night before you leave to camp great shuttle packages available to make your trip more enjoyable.
Anderson’s Canoe Outfitters has 4 different options for 6 day/5 night Canoe Trip Packages. All of these packages include: a night before motel room, round-trip tow from Crane Lake to Lac La Croix, and rental of either an aluminum or Kevlar canoe. Anderson’s Canoe Outfitters provides airport, van, and boat shuttle services at a one-way charge per load rate to a variety of locations. Select the package you need.


Complete Outfitting Package:

canoe trip for groups, a wilderness adventure perfect for a small or large group, get the complete outfitting package while you experiance the beauty of the boundary waters
With 40 years experience outfitting groups for exciting wilderness adventures, Anderson’s Canoe Outfitters know what groups need. Plan an outfitted trip or rent canoes and travel with your own gear. If you are looking to experience the wonder of the BWCAW without all the work of packing and planning the route, this is the package for you.  Let Andersons Outfitters handle all of the details with our complete canoe outfitting packages.