Quetico adventures include fishing, sight-seeing and teamwork


Anderson’s Canoe Outfitters has provided my group with equipment and shuttle service to Quetico Provincial Park every year we have been since 1993.
Anderson’s is a family owned and operated business and it shows with their quality of service and genuine connections with their clients, we feel like part
of the family. They always provide excellent service to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Quetico. Anderson’s obtains our entry permits and always
takes care of any questions or concerns prior to our arrival at Crane Lake. Their professional and friendly service is greatly appreciated.

Their location at Crane Lake, MN is perfect. We arrive the day before our entry date, check in at the cabin or motel across the street from Anderson’s, and enjoy good food and drink at one of the local restaurants in Crane Lake. This sets us up for the next morning and the enjoyable Loon River boat ride.

The morning boat ride passes through Canadian customs and then up the Loon River where there are two rail portages that lifts the entire boat out of the water on a trolley, carries the boat over land and into the water on the other side. This is truly a sight to see and is just one of the many things I look forward to every time.

Anderson’s delivers us to our Quetico adventures entry point, our gateway to the paddler’s paradise. That is where the adventure begins, from selecting the perfect camp site to setting up base camp to catching dinner, and I enjoy every minute of it. The next several days are filled with great fishing, paddling, sight-seeing, teamwork, campfires, relaxing, wildlife, and memories. We are reminded just how awesome of a trip it really is every time we introduce a new person to our Quetico adventures. The first time experience of catching that smallmouth of a lifetime, feeling the power of a monster pike, the sweet taste of walleye fillets at the end of the day, and the sound of loons singing in the evening are renewed in us all when a rookie experiences it for the first time.

As our week comes to an end, Anderson’s picks us up at our exit point from Quetico with an ice cold beverage waiting for us to enjoy during the return boat ride. Back at Anderson Canoe Outfitters there is a hot shower waiting for us and then it’s on the road, anxious to get home, but sad to see Crane Lake in the review mirror. No worries, we will return… and we will be calling on Anderson’s reliable service once again.

Thanks for everything,
Brian D.

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Reliable BWCA Canoe Trips

lbbmist2I’ve taken about a dozen BWCA canoe trip and Quetico canoe trip, and the majority of those trips were booked through Mark Anderson and Anderson Outfitters.  My confidence in Anderson Outfitters stems from decades of family experience, as my father and grandfather have been using their service since the 1980’s…(I have an AO branded oar up on the wall at my cabin that came from a trip in ’84).
I keep going back to Mark and AO year after year because I know exactly what I’m going to get EVERY TIME.  They go out of their way to ensure every question is answered before we launch, and most importantly they suggest things to take/pack every trip that are useful for the specific part of that park we are traveling to.  Also, their method of transport allows for quick trips to the most remote and secluded parts of both parks.
If it is your first BWCA canoe trip, or you are a grizzled veteran of the park system, there is no question who you call for all your planning and outfitting needs — Anderson Outfitters!
Any questions, feel free to contact me directly.
Ben P.
Photo Credit – Paul Anderson

Over 20 Years using ACO for BWCA Canoe Rental


We have been using the Anderson Canoe Outfitters team for around 20 years for our BWCA canoe rental.  They have always been very accommodation no matter the size of our BWCA group. Their equipment is first class and their staff is always friendly. We have found their tow service to various entry points into the BWCAW a very efficient way to start our annual canoe trip. It saves us a days paddling on entry and exit and a high speed trip up the Loon River is always an enjoyment for first timers and old timers alike. If you are going to the west end of the BWCAW be sure to use their services to guarantee your trip gets off to a good start and and has a reliable finish. We would not go to the BWCAW without them.

Keith S.

Big Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, and big Northern Pike caught on BWCA Canoe Trip


20 Inch BWCAW Fish

I have been outfitting with Anderson Canoe Outfitters for over 25 years.  They are truly a first-class operation, no question.  They take the time to give you and your BWCA canoe trip personal attention.  They go over maps, campsites, portages, fishing spots, tackle, points of interest, everything you need to know about to maximize your enjoyment of your trip.  The gear is first-rate, tents that keep you dry, and sleeping bags that keep you warm.  And Marie sets up food packs that just won’t quit!  You name it-steaks, burgers, fresh eggs for breakfast, cold-cut sandwiches for lunch, even fresh fruit!  Over the top!  The shuttle service across Lac La Croix saves you at least one L-O-N-G day of paddling and portging.  They have you out there where the Big Ones are swimming by lunchtime on the first day of your trip.  Big Walleye, scrappy trophy Smallmouth Bass, and big Northern Pike that you won’t want to share a canoe with for very long!  And the beauty and serenity of the boundary waters canoe country wilderness defies description-you just have to see it to believe it!    Whatever needs you might have up there, they will go way out of their way to take care of you on your bwca canoe trip.  So, if you want to plan a trip to the Wild West of the BWCAW/Quetico area, you can’t go wrong with Anderson’s Canoe Outfitters!

Five Day Fishing Trip with Boundary Waters Canoe Outfitter


Every year my brothers-in-law and our sons go for a five day fishing trip on the BWCA. Though we would love to have  the portaging experience, time does not permit, so we hire a boundary waters canoe outfitter. Mark and his drivers see that we get our canoe & our gear [can take so much more with Anderson’s power boat] to a rock on the border of MN waters on our favorite lake, within a couple of hours. We paddle in, set up camp, and are fishing before noon on day one. They pick us up at a pre-arranged time on day five, and we’re on the road back to WI , again before noon. We get all the experience of the BWCA without the long paddles in and out. Andersons is not cheap, but the rates are reasonable and you can’t beat the service. For people with more money than time, who don’t want to drop a ton of money on the fly-ins, Andersons  is the perfect boundary waters canoe outfitter!

Tim A.

Marc Enjoys Quality BWCA Canoe Trip Service

We have used Anderson’s Canoe Outfitters as our bwca canoe trip outfitter for numerous trips to the BWCA and Quetico over the past 20 years, and they always deliver.  Great comfort in being able to trust in a reliable outfitter to honestly answer all of your questions, secure permits, provide quality gear, and make your BWCA canoe trip into these pristine wilderness areas enjoyable.
We will be back!
Love you guys at Andersons!
Your tow boats are the best!
Marc M.

Boundary Waters Canoe Trips


Vickie Fall trip 280Do you have just 3 to 5 days to spend on and adventure? Or can you spend more time in our great wilderness area? Look no further than Anderson Canoe Outfitters for great Boundary Waters Canoe Trips.

Here’s just a sample of one of the routes you can experience.

Day 1

Starting from entry point #14 Little Indian Sioux head down the Little Indian Sioux River to Upper and Lower Pawness lakes. Leaving Lower Pawness into the Devil’s Cascades paddle towards Loon Lake. Once getting to Loon Lake heads towards East Loon Bay. This is a nice spot to camp your first night.

Day 2

Leaving East Loon Bay paddling towards Slim Lake, North Lake, South Lake, Steep Lake, Eugene Lake, Bear Track Lake, Thumb Lake and then to Finger. Finger will be a good spot to camp on night #2. These are a lot of lakes, but they are small and easy to travel.

Day 3

Paddle towards Finger Lake, Pocket Lake and then to Lady Boot Bay, this is another great spot to basecamp. Lady Boot has lots of great options, great scenery, campsites, and fishing. Just to the East of Lady Boot Bay there are pictograph paintings. These paintings are some of the finest on the Western end of the Boundary Waters.

Day 4

This can be a short day, leaving Lady Boot paddle to the East end of La Croix, Boulder Bay. This is a short paddle but once setting up camp you can paddle over into Iron Lake and view Curtain Falls. Curtain Falls is one of the larger falls in the Boundary Waters.

Day 5

Leaving Boulder Bay to Boulder River, Lake Agnes, Nina Moose lake, Nina Moose River and then finish your trip at entry point 16 Nina Moose. Paddle time from Boulder Bay to the Nina Moose landing is on the average of 6 to 7 hrs.

If a person wanted to you could paddle this loop in 3 days, but a person can stretch it out to a 5 night 6 day trip pretty easy.

Another option for this trip would be to pop out at Snow Bay on the West end of La Croix and paddle the South shore of Lac Croix and then to Lady Boot Bay. This trip would involve more paddling and less portages then the lakes to the South of La Croix.

For more information please contact Anderson Canoe Outfitters or email us at canoe@anderson-outfitters.com

Canoe Packages

Spring 2013


Waiting for spring to come. The Boundary Waters will have plenty of spring run off this year. This is a photo of Anderson Canoe Outfitters on March 20th the first day of spring.


Iron Lake Pictures from the BWCAW


Pictures by Mike Van Horn and Jason Whitehurst



Thank you again for a great trip!


Guys and Gals, I wanted to thank you again for a great trip. Fishing was a tad slow, but the memories I made with my son more than made up for it. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, fish every night for dinner and beautiful scenery.

Rudy & Quincy Elder

a wonderful fishing trip into canadatestimonials of working with anderson outfitteres

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