Tennessee Boys tackle the Darky River Loop! For a senior trip my two sons ask for a trip that would create memories that would last a lifetime so we grabbed a friend and head to the Boundary Waters Canoeing area and the Quetico National Park!   Nothing but our gear, map and our instincts we headed out for one of the greatest trips of my life and i have traveled the outdoors throughout the south  to… the Col. mtns, even a couple weeks in Kenya and Tanzania Africa traveling thru the Masa Mara National Reserve.   Rain lasted the first few days, so what! we had good gear and nothing beats a good tent at night in a little ole rain storm and besides that the fish never quit biting! Beaver, Otter, White Tailed Deer, Eagles, Loons, Martins, Ducks and a few Bears……this is the outdoors the way it must have been a few hundred years ago.    Then the Sun came out and it only got better time to dig out those top water lures and watch the Bass hitting the top, 18-20 inch small mouth were common, one of the boys actually caught two 3-1/2 pounders at the same time on one Spook jr he was so excited! 40” was about the limit on Northern Pike but the Walleye tasted the best!   Thanks Anderson Canoe Outfitters for the trip of a life time, hope to see you again soon.
Jeff Sulfridge