A low pressure system was sitting above us the entire time we were fishing, pressure was dropping steady from 29.9 to 29.2 over a 4 day period. Fish were still biting though. My goal this year was to catch a 40 plus in pike as years prior my 21 in small mouth gave be good bragging rights for a few years. So there I was, fishing pike with a heavy action rod while working spoons really slow. I got a hit from what seemed like a decent fish and as I was reeling it in I noticed that it was a small mouth. It wasn’t until I saw that beast swim broad side to really take note on how monstrous it was. I immediately began to freak-out and pray that I get a picture with this girl. I managed to boat her and took a lot of pictures of course. She was an astonishing 23.5 in around 8 lbs per the fishing length to weight charts. She made all the paddling and crappy weather a worthwhile trip.

Joe Genin