BWCAW Entry Point #12, Little Vermilion, Andersons Canoe Outfitting, Canoe TripEntry Point #12 Little Vermilion Lake

Entering the BWCAW through the Little Vermilion Lake entry point is unlike most others. Begin your trip in the welcoming community of Crane Lake, MN at the far western end of the Boundary Waters. Entry to Little Vermilion Lake requires passage across Crane Lake, which can be quite busy. Our canoe shuttle service makes that much easier.

Canoe Shuttle Service for Safe Entry

Crane Lake is motorized with large houseboats and fast fishing boats. The trip across is most easily accomplished via Anderson Outfitter’s shuttle service. Anderson loads your gear and canoe on their boat and safely zips you across the water to your destination.

Use or interactive map or speak with one of our experienced guides about shuttle service, trip planning, equipment rental or complete outfitting services.


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