Canoe Shuttle Service

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Shuttle Service to BWCAW, Lac La Croix, Quetico & Voyageurs

Anderson’s Canoe Outfitters offers a variety of canoe shuttle services. Whether it is transportation to and from the airport to Crane Lake, transport to a boundary waters entry point in a van shuttle, or a boat shuttle or tow, Anderson’s Canoe Outfitters can get you there. Get into the deeper canoe country by adding a canoe shuttle option to your BWCA wilderness trip. Serving Crane Lake and Lac La Croix, Voyageurs National Forest, BWCAW, and Quetico Provencial Park, we can bring you closer to your wilderness experience.

Canoe Shuttle Services & Pricing

All Shuttle Packages Require a $100/Per Person Non-Refundable Deposit Prices subject to change due to cost increases outside our control.

Shuttle Services VAN – BOAT – AIRPORT


Lac La Croix
Lac La Croix: Price:  
To Any Entry Point $270 per person  
One Way Tow to Lac La Croix $145 per person  
Add for Each Private Canoe $100 round trip  


Crane Lake to Three Mile and Beaver House Lake:

One Way Charge per Load; 2 People the same as four
Number of People: Price:  
4 $730  
6 $830  
8 $930  
Add for Each Private Canoe $85  


Crane Lake to Nym Lake and Stanton Bay Entry Points:

One Way Charge per Load; 2 People the same as four
Number of People: Price:  
4 $880  
6 $980  
8 $1080  
Add for Each Private Canoe $85  


Boat Shuttle Services:

Rates based on 4 people. One Way Charge per private canoe $20.
Location: Price:  
Beatty Portage $400  
Lady Rapids $400  
Loon Falls $350  
Namakan $350  
Sand Point $300  
Add for Each Person Over 4 $15  


Entry Points Van Shuttle:

One Way Charge per Load
Location: Price:  
Mudro $150  
Moose Lake $200  
Nina Moose $110  
Indian Sioux $105  
Vermilion River, Buyck $75  
Gold Mine Camp $75  
Vermilion Falls $75  
Shively $100  
Ash River $175  
Kabetogama $225  
Add for Each Private Canoe $10  
Add for Each Person Over 4 $10  

CALL Anderson Outfitters to book your canoe shuttle package – 800-777-7186

group of four men with canoe shuttle service boatshuttle transportation boat with five canoes and other gear on boardphoto of a couple using a shuttle service for their canoe trip in the bwcawphoto from a canoe transport shuttle boat