This is Anderson Canoe Outfitters first official blog about canoeing in the BWCA waters.


Anderson’s history

Anderson Canoe Outfitters has been outfitting in the Boundary Waters since 1962.  Anderson’s is located in the remote western entries of the B.W.C.A.W and Canada’s Quetico Provincial Park.  We offer both complete and partial outfitting.  Boat and Van shuttles to remote entries.


 Boundary Waters Canoe Area

The western entries in the boundary waters has the least impact.  All entries are based on permit availability.  Anderson’s has the ability to boat shuttle you back into some of the  most remote non road access entries.  For your ultimate canoe adventure paddle the western entries.


Pagani Creek Fire

The western entries did not get affected by the Pagani Creek fire.  Multiple entries in the Pagani Creek area have been closed down or limited use.   For further information on the fire zone please log onto