Stress Free Canoe Trip

No need to get all stressed out when planning a canoe camping trip with Anderson's! Just sit back and let the professional do all the work! Our Complete Outfitting Package is the best way to go! No reason for you to pack anything but your own personal belongings. We Supply The Gear, You Supply The [...]

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Canoe Camping Packing List – Prepping for Paddling

What Should I Bring? Your canoe camping trip is planned and you’re ready to pack. You’re probably wondering where to begin! You might even have a few questions running through your head like; What do I pack? Am I going to pack enough? What if I forget something?  Well, I’m here to guide you through [...]

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Quetico adventures include fishing, sight-seeing and teamwork

Anderson’s Canoe Outfitters has provided my group with equipment and shuttle service to Quetico Provincial Park every year we have been since 1993. Anderson’s is a family owned and operated business and it shows with their quality of service and genuine connections with their clients, we feel like part of the family. They always provide excellent service [...]

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Reliable BWCA Canoe Trips

I've taken about a dozen BWCA canoe trip and Quetico canoe trip, and the majority of those trips were booked through Mark Anderson and Anderson Outfitters.  My confidence in Anderson Outfitters stems from decades of family experience, as my father and grandfather have been using their service since the 1980's...(I have an AO branded oar [...]

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Over 20 Years using ACO for BWCA Canoe Rental

We have been using the Anderson Canoe Outfitters team for around 20 years for our BWCA canoe rental.  They have always been very accommodating no matter the size of our BWCA group. Their equipment is first class and their staff is always friendly. We have found their tow service to various entry points into the [...]

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Big Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, and big Northern Pike caught on BWCA Canoe Trip

I have been outfitting with Anderson Canoe Outfitters for over 25 years.  They are truly a first-class operation, no question.  They take the time to give you and your BWCA canoe trip personal attention.  They go over maps, campsites, portages, fishing spots, tackle, points of interest, everything you need to know about to maximize your enjoyment of your trip.  The [...]

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Marc Enjoys Quality BWCA Canoe Trip Service

We have used Anderson's Canoe Outfitters as our BWCA canoe trip outfitter for numerous trips to the BWCA and Quetico over the past 20 years, and they always deliver.  Great comfort in being able to trust in a reliable outfitter to honestly answer all of your questions, secure permits, provide quality gear, and make your BWCA [...]

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Boundary Waters Canoe Trips

Do you have just 3 to 5 days to spend on and adventure? Or can you spend more time in our great wilderness area? Look no further than Anderson Canoe Outfitters for great Boundary Waters Canoe Trips. Here's just a sample of one of the routes you can experience. Day 1 Starting from entry point [...]

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Spring 2013

Waiting for spring to come. The Boundary Waters will have plenty of spring run off this year. This is a photo of Anderson Canoe Outfitters on March 20th the first day of spring.

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