2013 Ice Out

Lets think spring. It's going to be close on ice out but Mother Nature can do it. Picture of Loon Falls Portage 2012.

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Boundary Waters Darky River Loop

Tennessee Boys tackle the Darky River Loop! For a senior trip my two sons ask for a trip that would create memories that would last a lifetime so we grabbed a friend and head to the Boundary Waters Canoeing area and the Quetico National Park!   Nothing but our gear, map and our instincts we [...]

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Pagami Creek Fire

Due to the Pagami Creek fire many entry points and campsites have been shut down in the area. Anderson Canoe Outfitters is a Western entry of the BWCAW are 50 to 60 miles away from the Pagami Creek

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Normal Spring

In early April we were off to an early spring with temps in the 60's and 70's. Now we are back on course, just this last Sunday we had 18" of snow land on us. This will for sure knock down the fire danger and bring the lake levels up.

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Boundary Waters Evening Time

Evening time in the Boundary Waters. There's nothing better than a campfire, sunsets, Loon calling, fishing off the shoreline and talking with your canoe partners over the camp fire. After a week in the Boundary Waters a person can return home with some real solitude.

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