Anderson’s Canoe Outfitters has provided my group with equipment and shuttle service to Quetico Provincial Park every year we have been since 1993.
Anderson’s is a family owned and operated business and it shows with their quality of service and genuine connections with their clients, we feel like part
of the family. They always provide excellent service to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Quetico. Anderson’s obtains our entry permits and always
takes care of any questions or concerns prior to our arrival at Crane Lake. Their professional and friendly service is greatly appreciated.

Their location at Crane Lake, MN is perfect. We arrive the day before our entry date, check in at the cabin or motel across the street from Anderson’s, and enjoy good food and drink at one of the local restaurants in Crane Lake. This sets us up for the next morning and the enjoyable Loon River boat ride.

The morning boat ride passes through Canadian customs and then up the Loon River where there are two rail portages that lifts the entire boat out of the water on a trolley, carries the boat over land and into the water on the other side. This is truly a sight to see and is just one of the many things I look forward to every time.

Anderson’s delivers us to our Quetico adventures entry point, our gateway to the paddler’s paradise. That is where the adventure begins, from selecting the perfect camp site to setting up base camp to catching dinner, and I enjoy every minute of it. The next several days are filled with great fishing, paddling, sight-seeing, teamwork, campfires, relaxing, wildlife, and memories. We are reminded just how awesome of a trip it really is every time we introduce a new person to our Quetico adventures. The first time experience of catching that smallmouth of a lifetime, feeling the power of a monster pike, the sweet taste of walleye fillets at the end of the day, and the sound of loons singing in the evening are renewed in us all when a rookie experiences it for the first time.

As our week comes to an end, Anderson’s picks us up at our exit point from Quetico with an ice cold beverage waiting for us to enjoy during the return boat ride. Back at Anderson Canoe Outfitters there is a hot shower waiting for us and then it’s on the road, anxious to get home, but sad to see Crane Lake in the review mirror. No worries, we will return… and we will be calling on Anderson’s reliable service once again.

Thanks for everything,
Brian D.