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Guys and Gals, I wanted to thank you again for a great trip. Fishing was a tad slow, but the memories I made with my son more than made up for it. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, fish every night for dinner and beautiful scenery.

Rudy & Quincy Elder

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for providing Jordan and me with a great wilderness experience. Sorry I missed saying goodbye to you.

We made it safely back and we hope that we have an opportunity to use Anderson Outfitters again.

Best regards,


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Thanks again for everything,

Paul T. Haverkamp

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Wanted to say thanks for setting the 4 of us up with one of the greatest experiences of our life. I’ve attached a photo of two toad smallies caught on June 5.

Thanks again. If we ever come back, it’ll be with Anderson’s. Overall it was an excellent experience. We can’t wait to get back up there.

James Storie
Ben Bledsoe
Josh Bledsoe
Doug Smithhisler

Nashville, TN

James Storie

Tennessee Boys tackle the Darky River Loop! For a senior trip my two sons ask for a trip that would create memories that would last a lifetime so we grabbed a friend and head to the Boundary Waters Canoeing area and the Quetico National Park! Nothing but our gear, map and our instincts we headed out for one of the greatest trips of my life and i have traveled the outdoors throughout the south to… the Col. mtns, even a couple weeks in Kenya and Tanzania Africa traveling thru the Masa Mara National Reserve. Rain lasted the first few days, so what! we had good gear and nothing beats a good tent at night in a little ole rain storm and besides that the fish never quit biting! Beaver, Otter, White Tailed Deer, Eagles, Loons, Martins, Ducks and a few Bears……this is the outdoors the way it must have been a few hundred years ago. Then the Sun came out and it only got better time to dig out those top water lures and watch the Bass hitting the top, 18-20 inch small mouth were common, one of the boys actually caught two 3-1/2 pounders at the same time on one Spook jr he was so excited! 40” was about the limit on Northern Pike but the Walleye tasted the best! Thanks Anderson Canoe Outfitters for the trip of a life time, hope to see you again soon.
Jeff Sulfridge

A low pressure system was sitting above us the entire time we were fishing, pressure was dropping steady from 29.9 to 29.2 over a 4 day period. Fish were still biting though. My goal this year was to catch a 40 plus in pike as years prior my 21 in small mouth gave be good bragging rights for a few years. So there I was, fishing pike with a heavy action rod while working spoons really slow. I got a hit from what seemed like a decent fish and as I was reeling it in I noticed that it was a small mouth. It wasn’t until I saw that beast swim broad side to really take note on how monstrous it was. I immediately began to freak-out and pray that I get a picture with this girl. I managed to boat her and took a lot of pictures of course. She was an astonishing 23.5 in around 8 lbs per the fishing length to weight charts. She made all the paddling and crappy weather a worthwhile trip.

Joe Genin


I should have started going to Quetico with Anderson’s 30 years ago.  My wife and I started 4 years ago, and we are hooked!  We will continue to choose Anderson’s. They helped us with the route planning and finding good fishing spots!  We love dealing with Anderson’s.  They have wonderful customer service and great trip planning tips. There really is nothing more relaxing than a calm lake, lots of big fish, and good company!  We count on Anderson’s to make this happen!”
– Lynda & Bo E.

I have been outfitting with ACO for over 25 years.  They are truly a first-class operation, no question.  They take the time to give you and your canoe trip personal attention.  They go over maps, campsites, portages, fishing spots, tackle, points of interest, everything you need to know about to maximize your enjoyment of your trip.  The gear is first-rate, tents that keep you dry, and sleeping bags that keep you warm.  And Marie sets up food packs that just won’t quit!  You name it-steaks, burgers, fresh eggs for breakfast, cold-cut sandwiches for lunch, even fresh fruit!  Over the top!  The shuttle service across Lac La Croix saves you at least one L-O-N-G day of paddling and portging.  They have you out there where the Big Ones are swimming by lunchtime on the first day of your trip.  Big Walleye, scrappy trophy Smallmouth Bass, and big Northern Pike that you won’t want to share a canoe with for very long!  And the beauty and serenity of the canoe country wilderness defies description-you just have to see it to believe it!    Whatever needs you might have up there, they will go way out of their way to take care of you.  So, if you want to plan a trip to the Wild West of the BWCAW/Quetico area, you can’t go wrong with Anderson’s Canoe Outfitters!
– Matt N.

We have been using the ACO for around 20 years and they have always been very accommodation no matter the size of our group.  Their equipment is first class and their staff is always friendly.  We have found their tow service to various entry points into the BWCAW a very efficient way to start our annual canoe trip.  It saves us a days paddling on entry and exit and a high speed trip up the Loon River is always an enjoyment for first timers and old timers alike.  If you are going to the west end of the BWCAW be sure to use their services to guarantee your trip gets off to a good start and and has a reliable finish.  We would not go to the BWCAW without them.
– Keith S.

I just want to thank you Mark for the 25 plus years I have been using your services.  Every year I come to Crane lake I know I can count on your families warm welcome and personal attention. As always you have great up to date info on the fishing and the best camp sites and lakes to visit.  I have been coming to the Quetico/BWCA  since I was 19 some 41 years ago!,,  My time flies by but every year I look forward to another canoe trip.  I consider the west end of the park the best part of Quetico. It is a little more remote with fewer people and excellent fishing for walleye,lake trout,smallmouth,largemouth and northern pike. As you know I have caught some dandy trophies over the years. I especially enjoy the fast paced ride along the border to the Quetico ranger station. When my boys were little they really got a kick out of that boat ride. I think they thought they were at the great America water park.  Best wishes and see you in August.
– Dr Jim A.

I made my first trips into the BWCA as a guide for a YMCA camp during the 1970’s. Since then, though I’ve lost count, there have been more than 50 trips. My wife and I particularly enjoy trips into the Quetico Provincial Park. We’ve been using Mark Anderson’s shuttle service for more than five years, because he is always reliable. I also have learned, as we’ve talked over the years, that he has a vast knowledge of the entire BWCA and Quetico, as well as good, practical, common sense. You won’t find a better outfitter in Minnesota, in my opinion.
– Dan M.

We used Anderson Canoe Outfitter’s on our second trip into the BWCA; 14 years and 13 trips later we haven’t gone with any other outfitter. Andersons is a family run business and for several days every year we are treated like part of the family. Mark and his crew are quick to share current conditions and tips to make sure our trip is the best it can be every time. We look forward to many more trips with Anderson’s!
– Chad H.

I’ve taken about a dozen trips to the BWCAW/Quetico, and the majority of those trips were booked through Mark Anderson and Anderson Outfitters.  My confidence in Anderson Outfitters stems from decades of family experience, as my father and grandfather have been using their service since the 1980’s…(I have an AO branded oar up on the wall at my cabin that came from a trip in ’84).

I keep going back to Mark and AO year after year because I know exactly what I’m going to get EVERY TIME.  They go out of their way to ensure every question is answered before we launch, and most importantly they suggest things to take/pack every trip that are useful for the specific part of that park we are traveling to.  Also, their method of transport allows for quick trips to the most remote and secluded parts of both parks.

If it is your first trip to BWCAW, or you are a grizzled veteran of the park system, there is no question who you call for all your planning and outfitting needs — Anderson Outfitters!
– Ben P.