#9 Little Indian Sioux River South

CanoeEnter the BWCAW at the Little Indian Sioux River South and enjoy the solitude of a true wilderness experience.  Entry point #9 is located off the Echo Trail near Crane Lake, MN on the western end of the Boundary Waters.  Slide a canoe into the river start an adventure into a less-traveled wilderness.  No motors, no canoe traffic, no worries.

From the Little Indian River South there are four portages to reach Bootleg Lake.  These are not super-highway portages with vegetation stomped in all directions but narrow paths for a quiet traveler seeking solitude.  Vermilion Granite, the pinkish grey bedrock that covers the region, creates overlooks along the portages.  These scenic vistas look down on green wetlands where the occasional moose and calf wander through.

Bootleg Lake is, as its name implies, shaped like a boot.  Canoeists rest their boots at one of the two campsites.  The tea-stained water supports pan fish and northern pike populations.

Few permits are given to this area to enhance the wilderness experience.  Travel down the Little Indian River for the perfect BWCA get-away.

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