#8 Moose River South

Moose River South #8 BWCAW Entry Point

For a wilderness area heralded for its lakes, the Moose River entry point is something decidedly different. Quieter than the Ely entry points, Moose River entry point #8 access is off the the Echo Trail. Start your trip to the BWCAW at this unique entry point and find quiet, solitude, and the beauty of the western end of the wilderness. The Moose River flows south through aquatic plants that sway with the cool water. Wild rice grows tall and provides cover for both paddlers and herons. Canoes glide across the river, challenged by the occasional beaver dam, until they reach the first portage.

From the Moose River entry point there are three portages to Big Moose Lake. Portages lead away from the river and up into the woods where the ground is pinkish grey Vermilion Granite covered by lush sphagnum moss and delicate princess pine.

Big Moose Lake’s campsites are built on rock ledges and surrounded by towering pines and red maple trees. Campers can hike around the campsite to find blueberries and raspberries, and then fish for shore lunch.

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