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Canoe & Gear Rental for Quetico & The Boundary Waters

Rent A Canoe

Sometimes all you need to trek into the north country wilderness is a canoe.  We offer many different canoe rental options, in both Kevlar and aluminum varieties.  Be sure to check with us on weight limits, weight distribution tactics, and the number of canoes you will need for your group.  Having been in the business for over 40 years, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that we can share!

Need more than just a canoe?  We also offer Complete Canoe Outfitting Packages.

“Extras” Gear Rental

There are many smaller items that are cheaper to rent for a week than it would be to buy one.  We have quality “extras” to rent out for your trip into the wilderness, including: tents, Duluth Packsacks, sleeping bags, stoves, paddles, and more!

Check the listings below for information on the wilderness gear for rent.

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Call Anderson Canoe Outfitters for Your Canoe Rental Needs1-800-777-7186

Canoes, Kayaks & Accessories
Partial Outfitting Rentals
Canoes: Daily Cost: Weekly Cost:
17 Foot Lightweight (57 Pounds) $34.00 $196.00
18.5 Foot Lightweight (71 Pounds) $34.00 $196.00
16 Foot Solo Kevlar (39 Pounds) $40.00 $252.00
17 Foot Kevlar (44 Pounds) $50.00 $308.00
18 Foot Kevlar (44 Pounds) $50.00 $308.00
20 Foot 3-man Kevlar (52 Pounds) $60.00 $378.00
Canoe Yoke $2.00  
Kayak Paddle (each) $1.50  
Canoe Seat Back $3.00  
Air Mattress $2.00  
Camping Equipment & Trip Essentials
Partial Outfitting Rentals
Equipment & Gear: Daily Cost: Weekly Cost:
Gas Stove $5.00  
Folding Saw $1.50  
Shovel $1.00  
Griddle $1.00  
Fire Grate $1.00  
Cooking Kit $6.00  
Life Jackets $2.00  
Sleeping Bags $4.00  
Portable Depth Finder $8.00  
Alps Tents: Daily Cost:  
2 Man $10.00  
3 Man $12.00  
 5 Man $16.00  
Satellite Cell Phones: Daily Cost: ($30.00 / $3.00 per minute)  
Food Package : $27.00 Per Day/Per Person  
Large Pack : $6.50 Per Day  
Food Pack : $7.00 Per Day  
Heavy Poly Liner : $5.00